Book Review: Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

51hsvnigzsl-_sy346_Pillow Thoughts really deserve its title. I couldn’t imagine how a simple combination of words – raw words could inflict a continuing pain throughout reading the novel. It was masterfully provoking for being loved, having love and used to be love. It was a combination of the emotions of the past, the feelings in the present and the resurfacing hope and wonder of what could be in the future.

Cortney Peppernell did not just give us a book compiled with poetry. She gave us a novel of true words from her heart. It is mystical on its own unique way. It captures the very essence of life and living with life. The novel tackles a different form of love that people longed for or wish for or even try to force to have. But, sometimes, the love you thought someone could fulfill yours is not enough to fulfill what they need in them’s. It is sad and tragic, hopeful and encouraging, and yet, remember in the end, that we are talking about love. Like anyone else, this book is an embodiment of love.
The author crafted a painful poetries that will enlighten, give hope to the person who will read the book. It was written so well that I indulge myself into the sorrowful depths of the book that drive me crazy with the amazing writing style of Courtney. I couldn’t imagine how words, how a combination of phrases with such compelling essence could deliver in such smooth and elegant way. Only Courtney Peppernell could do this. It was amazing reading Pillow Thoughts.
Simple and yet artistic, that’s how the author captures my heart with her poetry.


You may purchase Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell, here.


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