Are you prepared for Big Bad Wolf Books Sale in Manila?


The Big Bad Wolf is now back in Manila! With 34,000 titles of books from 17,000 in the previous years. Who would have thought we, bookworms, has been blessed with such a sale!



I was able to experience the VIP Day of Big Bad Wolf. I didn’t know that I will enjoy it the most. The fact that they provide greater titles with affordable and cheaper deals is already a steal. From the three Big Bad Wolf Books Sale that I went to, by far, this is the sale where I am most satisfied with. The sale starts last February 14th (Valentine’s Day) to February 24th! Don’t miss out on this chance to get a good selection of books. You will thank yourself later.



Wolfie promotes less plastic usage. You can bring your tote bag, backpack, luggage, or whatever means of transporting your books. If there will be a time that you overhaul (I know! Because, I did!), you can buy their tote bag for 20 pesos each. Let’s be eco-friendly. Save the earth while promoting English Literacy and reading.


In light of the recent mass hysteria about NCOV, let’s still be cautious. Bring alcohol and use a face mask when going to large events. This is also applicable not just with Big Bad Wolf Books Sale but also when going to malls or public places where people gather. Stay safe, bibliophiles!


Once you enter the gates, please expect already that you are going to burn some cash. I know. I’ve been there and I have unexpected damages to my wallet. My wallet is already cursing me but guess what? I’m happy. Kidding aside. If you are a practical person, buy only the books that are within your means. Don’t exceed if you can afford to. But if your objective here is to get the books for a cheaper price and you have the means, I would still like to convince you to manage your expenses. Reminder: Don’t overspend. Don’t be like me. Aside from the promos that the BBW is already offering, you may optimize the use of Paymaya, as far as I know, if you use them to pay for your books you can get freebies like Tote Bag, Sticky Notes, Ballpens, and Umbrella.

There are a lot of things going on this event but what I wanted to tell you is: Don’t miss out to join their raffles! BBW is giving out 700 pesos voucher, and boxed sets that can only win by sharing their posts. Be always on the lookout.
While inside please practice putting the books back on their respective isle if you are not going to buy them. Let’s all be responsible customers. Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is also in partnership with Gawad Kalinga. They have a specific location where you can donate books for the kids where books are limited to none in their Library. This has been an on-going project of BBW and GK and I hope, even small, we can all contribute to promoting reading and comprehension. And lastly, enjoy the sale. Despite the current happenings in Taal Volcano and the recent NCOV hysteria, Big Bad Wolf Books wanted us to enjoy the event — so stroll, be excited, and enjoy!


About Big Bad Wolf Books

Known as the Worldโ€™s Biggest Book Sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale specializes in providing the widest selection of books at the lowest possible price. It offers brand new books at discounts as high as 50% to 90% off recommended retail prices. The primary aim of the Book Sale is to encourage people of all ages to discover the joys of affordable, accessible reading.
The Book Sale features a wide range of books across all genres, including fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, young adult fiction, as well as an extensive collection of childrenโ€™s books. The Sale, the brainchild of BookXcess Co-Founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, has been a landmark event in Malaysia since 2009. The Sale has toured across 11 countries and 33 cities in Malaysia and abroad to Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Myanmar, the UAE and Cambodia with no plans to stop in making reading affordable for readers around the world.

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