Mini Book Review: Sons of Ares vol. 2 by Pierce Brown

The world of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising expands further in the next installment of the Sons of Ares storyline.
Fitchner’s quest for revenge continues as he and the other Sons of Ares seek out the Golds who have wronged his family. But actions come with repercussions and an elaborate game of cat and mouse is on. A battle of Gold versus Gold erupts further into more than acts of vengeance and becomes the seeds of a revolution.

Book Review:

The world of Red Rising is vast and full of toxicity in regards to Politics, Hierarchy, Authority, Power, and Control. Together with Dynamite, Eli Powell was able to illustrate the life of Fitchner – someone who is struggling to fight for what he wants for the society to be better. These illustrations drive their readers insane. It keeps on manipulating and fighting. Their world is a battle of morality. You could see it that while Fitchner holds true to his position, he was also restricted by someone who could change the course of life with money, technology, and connection.

This Graphic Novel proves that if Sevro dies at the current series, Fitchner’s sacrifice will be in vain. It would be painful, but regardless of who would have thought that, love changes a lot of things and might start potential opportunities in the future. Who would have thought that Sevro and Fitchner will wield the course of the future? It is remarkable and terrifying and yet a brilliance all at once.

My Ratings: 4 Stars.

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Hello. I’m Pierce Brown, the author of the Red Rising Saga, a NYT #1 bestseller. The newest entry, IRON GOLD debuts January 15, 2018.
I figured I’d write you myself than have corporate copy pasted below my totally natural author photo.

In my books you’ll find stories of men and women finding their inner strength when all seems lost. You’ll also find me exploring themes of power–what it means, why people seek it, and how they hold onto it–love, violence, and hope.

I read a bit as a kid. Count of Monte Cristo, Dune, Lord of the Flies, Star Wars (expanded universe), GRRM, Antigone, Hyperion, and Harry Potter were some of my favorites. If you liked those books, maybe just maybe we’re on the same page.

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